Additional Network Services

BGP Session

BGP session with AS36369.
Default route only.
** Requires valid RIR assigned ASN & IP allocations. **

Additional Data Transfer

Additional Data Transfer for your VPS or dedicated server. Requires active service.

/24 Subnet 0 Available

/24 IPv4 Subnet (254 IP's)
SWIP (rWHOIS) compatible
ARIN justification required
** Contact sales BEFORE ordering **

IP Transit (AS36369)

IP Transit from AS36369. Includes BGP session.

Service can be provided over the SeattleIX (SIX) or cross-connect at Intergate West MMR (12201 Tukwila International Boulevard).
** Cross-connect fees NOT included **


ARIN IP space. Requires valid ASN and IP justification.

RBL Delisting

If your VPS is listed on an RBL and suspended, you will be required to purchase this RBL Delisting before service is restored. This fee covers the administration time required to resolve RBL listings.